iPhone vs Android phone, which is better? We use small to big items in our daily life based on the quality of the products. Thus for selecting the correct mobile for ourselves we need correct information about the mobile devices. As several devices are launched every year and the features are different from each other, due to which we all get confused about which phone will be good to buy and which is not. There are mainly two categories in which all the mobiles are divided: iPhones and Android phones. So right information must be needed for selecting the correct device for purchasing. Hence there is a comparison provided below between iPhone and Android devices.

How is an Android phone better than an iPhone?

1. Customization

Customization means that you can change your Android phones by changing Widgets in your phone. We can also change its theme, its wallpaper, change icon positions, change the launcher, change the lock screen, etc. But there are limitations with the iPhone. Like you can only change the wallpaper and position of icons and you can not customize the iPhone like an Android phone completely.

2. In Device Option

In the market, you find more Android devices than iPhones. Android devices have generally a price range of Rs 3000 to Rs 70,000, but there are not many device options available as iPhone. Every year generally only two or three models of iPhone are launched and the amount of these phones range from 60,000 to 1,10,000 due to which many people are not able to buy iPhone. So, an Android phone is much better than an iPhone because you can easily get Android phones in every range.

3. File Sharing

File sharing is very easy on Android phones. We can share files from one Android phone to another Android phone through Bluetooth, third-party apps like Google Files or Mi share. Transferring files to external storage devices is also very easy in Android phones with respect to iPhones.


Android phones have a wide range of designs. As there are so many companies that produce android phones hence customers get a lot of variety in designs. But iPhones are only produced by Apple which leads to a very small range of designs in iPhones.

How are iPhones better than Android?

1. Optimization

Apple’s iPhones are better optimized than Android phones because they perform tasks very smoothly than the android devices. Hence with better optimization multitasking in iPhones are much better than Android devices.

2. App Quality and Availability

Android applications are present in Android’s Play Store and iPhones applications are present in Apple’s App Store.

3. Camera Quality If

The camera quality of the iPhone is better than most mid-price Android devices. Suppose a mid-range Android phone has 16 MP camera, it cannot match the quality of the iPhone’s 12 MP camera at all. Apple pays more attention to the quality than the specifications of its iPhone, so its quality is much better than Android phones.

4. After Sales

Services provided by the company after selling you the device is much more important than it seems. iPhones are hard to repair for third parties. These are best repaired only in their service centres but androids can be easily repaired in third party repair centres.